Just as most things of beauty require maintenance, your lawn craves yearly, specialized attention to establish a strong base for all seasons. CG Tree & Landscape provides both Fall Yard Clean-ups and Spring Yard Clean-ups for spaces of all sizes and levels of complexity.

Seasonal clean-ups are a crucial step in preserving the beauty of your lawn and garden landscape. A key part of your lawn care program, Fall Lawn Care and Spring Clean-ups facilitate a path of nutrients to your lawn and plantings while providing them with room to grow. Implementing CG Tree & Landscape’s seasonal lawn services yields fresh, healthy and uncluttered outdoor beauty, all year round.

Fall is not only a great time to plant trees, grass and bulbs for the spring bloom but also a perfect opportunity to rejuvenate and fortify your lawn and garden for cooler weather and spring growth. The removal of dying annuals, dead branches and leaves provides better access to nutrients for your existing plants and prepares your yard for Winter lawn care.

Spring Cleanup is a time to shake off the dust of winter and make room for the growth that creates those lush and inviting spaces in your lawn. New blooms require nutrients, proper irrigation and rich foundations to sustain them through the harsh summer sun. Provide an appealing space for your family to relax during those long Summer days by preparing your lawn and garden during this Spring Lawn Care season.

CG Tree’s Fall Cleanup and Spring Cleanup Yard Maintenance includes:
  • Trimming Shrubs
  • Removing Debris from Flower Beds
  • Lawn Edging
  • Cultivating Mulch
  • Application of Weed Prevention, Plant Food and Fresh Mulch

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