In order to utilize your full acreage, a certain amount of land clearing and stump excavation may be necessary. CG Tree & Landscape can provide a whole host of lawn and garden services from land clearing and landscape design to the execution of your landscape plan and continuing landscape maintenance of your lawn and garden.

Purchasing a home with acreage or a parcel of land that is cluttered and unusable can be frustrating. Although clearing land may seem like a do-it-yourself job, advanced tools and knowledge are often needed while a focus on the end result produces the best options for functional space. Allow CG Tree & Landscape’s capable gardeners and excavators to clear your land and create valuable, beautiful space. With our state of the art tools and knowledge about soil types and irrigation needs we can turn any uncultivated piece of land into a gorgeous retreat. Tree stump removal as well as tree stump grinding services allows us to reuse the matter we clear and save you money in the process. Whether you wish to clear space for lush landscaping or to build upon, CG Tree & Landscape is up for the challenge.

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