Our expert Landscape Maintenance division provides comprehensive landscape services, which incorporate the latest in Green technologies and best practices of today’s environmentally friendly arboriculture. Creating a beautiful space on your property is about more than just planting trees or laying pavers. The plants that make your yard part of your home or business require maintenance and care. As nature is not always predictable, problem solving by professional lawn care specialists is often part of developing a consistently pleasing and attractive outdoor space. At CG Tree & Landscape, our commitment to you doesn’t end when your flowers bloom; we provide the support your garden needs to keep stunning you year after year.

As each outdoor space is unique, our professionals can create a fully customized Landscape Maintenance program tailored to your precise needs. Whether we designed your landscape last month or your hedges have been growing for years, CG Tree’s landscapers have the tools and skill to keep your surroundings in top form.

Our Landscape Maintenance Services can include:
  • Mowing and Grass Care
  • Application of Grass Fertilizer
  • Turf Maintenence
  • Maintenance of Hardscapes
  • Preventing and Treating Diseased and Pest Infested Flora
  • Hedge Trimming and Hedge Shaping
  • Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning
  • Maintenance of Lawn Irrigation

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