Mulch not only adds aesthetic definition to your lawn or garden, it also provides practical support to the more distinctive aspects of your property. CG Tree & Landscape offers a variety of mulch combinations to address the specific needs in your yard or garden. With installation and delivery options our professionals will show you how beneficial and environmentally friendly addition mulch can be to your outdoor space.

Mulch is comprised of either pure wood chips and shavings or a combination of various tree shavings. A great investment, mulch increases the stability of your landscape by:

  • Retaining water for plants
  • Preventing weeds
  • Stabilizing soil temperature in Summer and Winter
  • Adding valuable uniformity to your garden architecture
  • Some types of mulch are chosen for their scent, color, texture or ability to repel insects. Easily refreshed, mulch is a cost effective and advantageous option for your lawn or garden.

CG Tree & Landscape offers mulch bed preparation and bed edging in addition to mulch delivery and installation to ensure full integration of your garden design.  Contact us today for your free quote.