CG Tree & Landscape’s team trims approximately 65,000 trees per year.

Tree trimming is one of the most crucial aspects of arbor care.  The health, appearance and over-all stability of your trees depends on it. CG Tree & Landscape’s well trained staff uses the latest methodologies as well as long proven techniques to enhance the growth pattern and over-all shape of the trees. This practice supports lasting health and longevity of your trees.

Removing dead branches, limbs obstructed by overcrowding, or eliminating overhanging branches to prevent encroachment into power lines are just a few more proactive measures to ensure a harmonious coexistence between nature and technology.

How often a tree needs to be trimmed, or pruned depends on the shape, size and its rate of growth.  In regards to proximity to power lines, there should be 10
feet of clearance on all sides. Approximately 20% of all power outages are the direct result of branches that encroach upon power lines, or falling trees.