The addition of turf to one’s property has a variety of advantages. Turf is known to control erosion, dust and mud, add value to both commercial and residential areas and create usable recreational space where none existed. Without proper maintenance, inconsistencies such as drought, heat, insects, excessive thatch or poor soil conditions can damage or thin otherwise hearty turf grass. CG Tree & Landscape offers a Turf Grass Renovation Program to revitalize your turf and restore it to the lush quality you expect.

Regular lawn care maintenance can certainly prevent your turf grass from withering or drying out, however, environmental conditions occasionally dictate that a revitalizing treatment is necessary. CG Tree & Landscape’s turf specialists can assess your turf grass and implement a program best suited to your lawn including:

  • Initiating a program of preventative maintenance
  • Renovating compromised turf areas
  • Reestablishing whole turf segments
  • With CG Tree’s landscapers, you’ll see improvement in the quality of your turf and begin enjoying your lush lawn once again.

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